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SPTO and the protection of industrial property rights

The Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, O.A. (SPTO) is responsible, as provided in Article 3 point 4 of Royal Decree, 1270/1997 of 24 July, through which it is regulated, “for promoting initiatives and developing activities conducive to better knowledge and the most adequate protection of industrial property”.

Counterfeiting represents a major threat to innovation, economic growth, social welfare and health, both in Spain and in the European Union and globally. The increase in the proportion of counterfeit goods in world trade is deeply worrying, and clearly requires coordinated action at all levels to be fully addressed.

In its quest for improvement and public service vocation, the SPTO actively contributes to the enforcement of industrial property rights by promoting and participating in various and varied initiatives, namely:

  • Intersectorial Commission for action against activities which infringe industrial property rights; Royal Decree 54/2014, of 31 January, which creates and regulates the intersectorial commission for acting against activities that breach industrial property rights. Consult in the BOE.

The Commission’s purpose is the operational coordination of public administrations among themselves and with private organisations dedicated to the protection of industrial property rights for the study, proposal and execution of actions aimed at preventing and eliminating conduct that violates these rights. The Commission acts as a channel for actions necessary for the fulfilment of the objectives of the European Anti-Counterfeiting Observatory.

  • Intrusion board: constituted by MINCOTUR in December 2018 with the purpose of coordinating the public and private sectors to prevent and eliminate conducts that violate industrial property rights.

The SPTO conducts and disseminates awareness-raising campaigns:

  • General awareness-raising campaigns
  • Awareness-raising campaigns with public bodies
  • Preparation of informative material for young people
  • Poster competition, photography under the theme “STOP COUNTERFEITING”

For more information see point 3.2. CAMPAIGNS and 4. PUBLICATIONS AND NEWS on this web page.

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